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Emelie Lundmark

My name is Emelie Lundmark and I am a design engineer and artist. In my company, Dinie Design, I am careful not to limit myself to a certain genre but experiment with both materials and techniques.

My creations usually originate from emotions so my inspiration always comes from events that have affected me strongly emotionally. Often these are linked to cultural experiences: From my time in France and Italy, but also from winter nights in Finland or summer evenings at sea in the Gulf of Bothnia. Technically, I mostly work with paintings in watercolor, acrylic and oil as well as sculptures in clay and wood.


Since science and technology is fascinating, I studied for a master's degree in Industrial Design, supplemented with Business Studies in Economics & Marketing. Now I am lucky enough to work with product development of medical instruments when I'm not busy taking care of our kids or creating art.

The contrast between technology and art is very inspiring. I want both in my life and in the future the goal is to find synergies to be able to combine the two to a greater degree. 

Contact information:

Phone number: +46734428521



The story behind the name Dinie Design

Dinie was the family's Siamese cat who lived with us from the time I was born until I turned 17. Together with Trubbis (a turtle-colored farm cat), she is still very present in the memories I have from my youth and she was the model for many of my earliest paintings.

Dinie Design also became the name of the JA company I ran during high school. It worked well then so why switch?

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