Väskvhila (translates to "bag recuperation) is a shelf explicitly designed to accentuate your bag by giving it a dedicated space. It is available in different sizes and colors to match both your style and location. It is durable, easy to assemble, easy to clean and maintenance-free, which means that it fits in everything from hotel rooms, restaurants and office landscapes to your private hall or walk in closet.


The shelf is made of aluminum, which, together with the cutouts and the round shapes, creates both a calm and a contrast that I like a lot.

The shelf was developed within the project eXpression design and launched 28.8.2020.

It is locally produced in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden,  together with ÖSAB and CP Lack.


Please contact me and I will tell you more. I deliver globally.

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Material: Laser cut, bent and powder coated aluminum

Color options:

RAL 7013

RAL 9005

RAL 9016

Red Copper

Size: 25x15x30 cm. 

Perfect for bags wider than 25 and with max width 15cm,


Price: 170 € (incl. VAT). Shipping will be added